Porsche - Grand Haven, MI“When our 2001 Porsche Boxster blew its transmission, we discovered it would cost over $10,000 for us to purchase a new Porsche transmission. The guys at Global rebuilt our existing unit right at their shop for $5,500. We’re back on the road again with peace of mind and money in our pocket!”
— Steve & Marty Westdorp

Over 20 Years Experience Rebuilding Transmissions

Buying a new transmission is expensive and unnecessary. However, finding someone with the expertise to rebuild your transmissions can be difficult. And finding someone to rebuild complicated European units is almost impossible. At Global Autoworks, we have the in-house capabilities to rebuild transmissions, transmission valve bodies, and transfer cases. We are able to service domestic units as well as the vast majority of European transmissions. Local customers can bring their vehicle to our shop where we handle the entire transmission rebuild (including removal from the vehicle). For customers throughout the U.S., transmission units can be shipped to us and shipped back once the rebuild is complete.

Why Rebuilding Your Transmission is the Best Option

When the transmission fails, you have three options: buy a new one, buy a used one, or rebuild the existing one. Before you choose, it’s important to understand the reason most transmissions, valve bodies, or transfer cases break in the first place is because of an underlying design flaw. We see this type of transmission break over and over again. Choosing to replace a broken unit with a used transmission leaves you vulnerable to the same type of break in the future. And while used transmissions are considerably less expensive than new ones, they typically only offer a 90 day warranty. On the other hand, having your transmission rebuilt by a master transmission specialist will fix the break, strengthen design flaws, and save money. Our rebuilt transmission warranty is three years or 36,000 miles (two years and 24,000 miles for units we ship).

For more information, call or visit our shop. Customers throughout the United States who wish to purchase rebuilt transmissions, valve bodies, differentials, or transfer cases are invited to call (616) 499-4451 or visit our eBay store.


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